DashNub Widget

A (Social) command line for the web (from the dash)

A little more improved Mac OS X Tiger widget to access YubNub that uses AJAX to fetch command descriptions.

Thanks to Jonathan Aquino for such a good web app!


Download ALPHA 2 Version (only works with golden eggs. async calls work now)

Also check the mini version: MiniDashNub!

Suggestions welcome!


2005 06 30:
Finally I made async it work! It was as easy as adding a no-cache control header. Weird, because it worked in Safari but not in Dash. Anyway... there goes alpha2.

2005 06 29:
Some quick rough is working, but I am still fighting with XMLHttpRequest in async mode under the dash. It works perfect in Safari, but when I switch to the Dash it fails silently (the callback never gets called back). It is working now with sync requests.