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a thousand princesses she said. not quite. several orders lower, but enough, sometimes too much. feelings? of course! the compass in a foggy night, the flask in a desert. they are the key. well, now i start wondering where have i left my heart?. i should have something for him, but i think he went away to learn how to pronounce the s, the z, and c correctly. i know he is up to something, little fool, so naive, so vital. be gentle, i don't want to be tamed.
[[eurythmics - tainted love.mp3]]]

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necesito que le des nombre a tanta belleza. reclamo que bautices tu candor. imploro que tu boca rompa el hechizo de tu sonrisa, y nombre tu magia.
[[spinetta - seguir viviendo sin tu amor.mp3]]]

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two things worth mentioning, maybe three. first, i danced with you. when the time came someone should climb to the table and do what everyone wants, you were there, shinning, with your onmipresent halo, with the clothes you should never undress. a fountain of joy. second, it was great. no matter what happened or what didn't happen, i could enjoy it, and be true to myself. third, after a year, you materialized among the unknown images. you came to me, with a puzzling look in your eyes and got what you wanted. whatever happened later i don't care, but you finally let me know you should be there today. you shone like a star, too brite, in the sky of my careless night.
[[depeche mode - enjoy the silence.mp3]]]

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revelaciones desencadenadas. una colisión fatal entre mi incertidumbre y tu emoción azul de cuatro puertas.

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slow down, tap, tap, answer. driving my madness at twice the limit i reach out, as predicted. at first, controlled surprise, then, after my convocation, curiosity driven anxiety. felt like a problem solved, a release, a closure. the only thing remaining is the need for a wise choosing of the words to hang in the air between, in the distance about to explode. the last thing i care is reaching the missing you, the one that never came back from where it went, the one i miss.

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difícil de superar tu ternura. me ofreces con el símbolo de mi apertura. me regalas con el recuerdo más complejo del año pasado. sin saberlo, condicionas una nueva asociación que solo el tiempo sabrá evaluar.

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tu primer amanecer dorado y azul. un espectáculo de diaria repetición y de fugaz presencia para nuestros ojos, expectantes de admiración. una costa de cuarto creciente, tu sutil belleza espontánea. que sueñes con mi caricia.

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among the midst of my solitude i come across your blue representation.

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